Paranormal Voodoo Monster

Harken, good doctor, as I defend my sanity. Lore of the paranormal voodoo monster arose long ago and I now shall dissertate a thesis abstraction as proof of my sanity by the virtue of my often extemporaneous yet syntactic “vocab”, and my algebraic grammar. Because, the effects of the Paranormal Voodoo Monster Incident are not entirely known even now, nearly seventy seven years later, as we arrive in this present future relative to the PVM.

You are getting very sleepy now. And so believe. Be calm and relaxed, and believe. 

The paranormal voodoo monster or “PVM” archetype formulation protocol “AFP” began initially as a 1950’s effort to exacerbate fear of nuclear radiation and its effects on the human brain. At first, leading brain experts or “LBE”‘s denied the existence of the “PVM” or any “AFP”.

Yet, as fear exacerbating the said promulgations of the “PVM” supplanted truth in a particular small town “APST”; it became apparent that an AFP had entered a promulgation sequence.

So, LBE’s formed a counterintelligence protocol or CAFP.

Thus, within weeks CAPF had dispelled fears of PVM AFP at all data center locales in APST.

Soon, however, PVM sightings counterbalanced the CAFP of the LBE efforts to suppress AFP resiliency within APST populace cortexes. Then, the terrible error TTE occurred.

TTE initially went unrecognized by LBE because modality cortex node calibration experiments MCNCE’s within APST were not being conducted by the LBE’s

Enter the computer entomology threat CET that had arrived in APST as a Zombie Fungus Vector Beetle Swarm or ZFVBS

Sketch of a SatComCorp sat and ZFVB scenarios

Therefore, as ZFVBS became the discernible causality of PVM AFP during MCNCE implementation at APST, the LPE’s found difficulty in dealing with the Psychotropic Cranial Fungal Nodes PCFN’s that were appearing initially during a futuristic walabot research study.

Then, having been alerted to PCFN presence in APST populace craniums by MCNCE staff; geomagnetic satellite resonance induction GSRI over APST enabled a sat field application of the Walobot technology grid system WTGS

The LBE crew then saw not only the reality of the previously suppressed AFP pertaining to PVM, but was also able to obtain an epidemiological prescription for the fungal pathogen. And, LBE cooperation with entomologists remediated the swarm.

Subsequent commencement of study and psychiatric treatment systematics across the long term time frame began as the fungal weapon node presence populace which was both beneath the directive of SatComCorp and thus capable of manipulating the APST politic and to generate desirable behavioral characteristics pertaining to the correlated tropical alkaloid chemicals nicotine and caffeine in particular.

Finally, corollated to the arrival of the ZFVBS and to extraordinary bizarre vector beetle fungus interactions with even low dose Alkaloidal chemical interactions in the context of the Sat MHz induction; it became evident that the ZFVB container freight propagule beetle pair to swarm sized colonizer population had become endemic to APST.

So, although scientists believed that the realities of exoskeleton to beetle body mass ratios would eliminate the possibility of Giant Killer Zombie Fungus Beetles GKZFB; it remains unknown as to whether or not populations of endemic beetles exist in APST or if there may be even a lone female ZFVB propagule.

Might a micro biome now support a symbiotic “population” of ZF in the bodies of “organisms”, or, is ZF now endemic in APST?

Now, as you discuss this with your other social media contacts; possible pathogenic endemic fungal scenarios include not only ZF “internal entomology” beetle zombie fungus or IEBZF scenarios.

And, further, that ZF may be in souls, soils, vegetation, limnological habitat, or even that it may currently exist as a home pet hematological vector threat coupled in a parasitic struggle with the previously endemic spirochete from the blood of “el Chupacabra”.

So, if el Chupacabra frightened you; think now about the Paranormal Voodoo Monster… and ask yourself if you have a brain node, given to you by a zombie beetle that did what it did to you so that SatComCorp would be able to control you… and the LBE would be a powerless to ever help you.

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