Was I in fact abducted for three decades by Yale Psychiatry under a false pretense of self harm induced at Troop F by my Mom, Carol, and Carlos?

Or, was my abduction due to some primatological angst instigated amidst sapien male beta and gamma locals?

Admittedly, my superior Alpha male cranium’s sub orbital bone structure appearance in Killingworth in 1997 may have been causal of suppressed ontogenetic archetypes with a phylogenetic context of age group troop behavioralism in particular.

In fact; when I began to ride my bicycle across Goodspeed and either the Baldwin or Arigoni bridges regularly; I noted both a peloton formation, and occasionally, swerving attempts at myself and my red bicycle.

Meanwhile, Yale psychiatry presented me with the book “Empire Express” in 1998, as sublimation and sedation slowed me and Dr. Caree seemed to lead the intensity of my mind towards Theodore Roosevelt as a foci of further reading subsequent to my first hospitalization where reading “Empire Express” had been the only activity.

Then, might it also be noted here that the impetus was in fact a far greater conspiratorial endeavor… by physician psychiatrists from South America?

Because it now seems evident that it was at that time that the reality of multiple persons had, whilst in some seance powwow of Killingworth townsfolk, been functioning under the auspice of my suspected to soon be impending mind crime which therein entailed my premeditation of my future destruction the earth…

And, if it were that there were, at that time, any purport of my having an imbecilic comprehension of the ecosphere; then I thus must call Dr. Carlos Cardoza to the stand; and, also, “Gary and Carrol”, and also a man I know only as “The swamp doctor “!

Additionally; upon my having foiled “Big” Jim Howard a-priori to his degradation of the Madison Rod and Gun Club; it seems theoretically utile to explain my plan was merely to build the farm and then to proceed with the “Venuticello” cut and sculpted lime block, brick, and oak timber structure.

I confess that “Venuticello on lake Venuti” would have needed a pentagonal hammer-beam truss roof structure with tin roof sheathing; as it evidently remains unlikely that locals will ever build and raise a cut limestone block dome as is the case with Thomas Jefferson’s “Monticello”.

As the years past with my mind in the catechombs of books, therefore, the eventuality of my being placed in the care of Dr. Sergio Mejia seems to suggest a more extraordinary complexity regarding my 1898 timeframe.

I might even add that not only upon my near completion of study at UMass wherein I entered the catacombs to increase the breadth of my collegiate energy, natural resource, and environment studies therein, yet also given time at Clemson and in USDOI GSMNP: it was here and there, from the mountains, to the sea; that pertaining to eastern seaboard lands and their wealth in raw resource harvest and extraction, when and if in accordance with the flux of law… I did formulate as an objective: the path of my research.

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