Naw, I ain’t studied to know about the Union Era three campaigns of aggression against the South, the Sioux, and Imperial Spain from your Houton Mulfins, Penguins, and yer TV.

I know all about how the admiral stood, upon his prominent bluff. His canon and grape was then from his strategic positions trained with Gatling and interchangeable part and consistently .58 munition Trapdoor Springfield Saints; upon a ragged red line of grey armed with grand pappy’s shot gun and sundry caliber smooth bore rifles.

Men at Mills on the Merrimack in Lowell and the Sacco in Biddeford MA that had industrialized the fiber production and requisite caste labor system’s delivery of flowers to the mill town Gins must’ve cheered to hear of Gatling down the “Rebels” who flew the confederal flag of Columbia, and then similarly rejoiced in hearting that boys in blue were slaughtering Injuns, and finally as the Union era Northern confederates Annexed all of Imperial Spain’s global territory.

Yet, the federalization occurred, and has proven mostly correct, except for Justin Morrill (VT 1862) who destroyed his own state dairy industry and that of Great Britain too.

Wisconsin gained power, especially as refrigeration was micro-sized down to rail car size for the dairy and the additional beef being slaughtered in Manhattan since the gold spike on the 1862 Pacific Line let Cowboys rustle cattle from TX to OK ant then for slaughter in a Manhattan before the Tanneries of Boston struggled to clothe northerners as the cotton fibers disappeared. Home spun wool in Vermont didn’t last, and neither did the bushmeat..

Yet returning to heroic tales of Northern righteousness; the general upon his bluff and peering upon the source of his cloth, he did kill well. And, the aforementioned general was then, in the Hutton Moofin bookstore man war man books a blue square of might; upon his bluff. If red lines and shapes were to flank him in the moolfin books you have read… whelp; there was Canon and grape and trapdoor saints with the Crane tale bayonets to kill farm boys on the way to global conquest!

Writing to Annabelle for a foreseen day to be enwraptured by her corsetted bosom’s sweet embrace; the generals mechanized slaughter was efficient and overwhelming beneath his manly stature upon the fictional maps of blue rectangles and red shapes in the Moolfin Man Book Store Man War Books! And, the general was proud as the hootin mulffine books spoke of a valiant slaughter. …in the Houlton Moofoun man war man books!

And, Godly Southern messengers seeking peace did meet their God: in a Union Surgeon’s tent… there… in those days… when there were no anesthetics or antibiotic’s…

Yet, if we might abide by the Union era assertion of federalism… mustn’t we see that a mere 40 years later TR wrote his corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?

And, why?

At least Alfonzo, Wilhelm and Nicolas abdicated or were otherwise dragged down.

And, is it then not evident that general Hitler and his 7 million Jews, Homosexuals, Crippled and otherwise inferior persons to the Nazi “ethic” of a father land for a privileged few did therefore stand as mere jodhpur and crop farce to the 110,000,000 souls whom Marxism to Leninism to Stalinism to Maoism, to Bolshevism to Trotskyism did slaughter, maim and starve to death across Eurasia?

I am only saying this to elucidate that within weeks we need to till “Hyrcanian” lands sufficient to feed Eurasia or plow under a double Iowa section of our Great Plains.

Seriously, as the USA bickers about epidermal pigmentation and rectal sodomy policy, can anyone coin a term like “Great Russo Sino Pogrom Famine and Plague of 2024.”?

I incidentally can’t wait to hear things like how bad RR corn and soy will be for frogs legs when our USA succeeds in feeding the Ukrainian grain belt sustained Eurasian interior and gets all the rotational soybean tofu and soy sausages to the Subcontinent as China pigs out on Durham Wheat Ramen noodles and the rat kabobs they already feast upon.

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