Scholium Art

I hope I can explain something to everyone. I, of course, began my understanding of Euclidean mathematics in the context of a Pythagorean carpentry construction “epoch” of my life.

I ask, therefore, of thee, that there be a dialogue between myself and other sapient earth organisms more typified by the normalcy of modal civilization; they and the propagule genesis of their loins being comprised, as I presume myself to be, of eukaryotic derivative ontogenies from an energy swirl of some prokaryotic precursor, or from “the soup” previous to such. And, therein, they; being of the sapience.

For, in terms often iterated in Scholiums Newtonian; to seek celestial bodies such as to predict the forces of the aforementioned swirl… is perhaps definitively divinity.

Thus; perhaps a typification transcendent of otherwise normal scientific discourse could arise whereby through our comparative sketches and juxtaposed syntax we may demonstrably depict unto all …the method by which I intend to instruct you from the externality.

Wilderness, and externality, in statistical terms; states outliers to be undefined.

These days there is a xenophobia. Perhaps it is endemic to the now arcane term phylogeny, relative to recapitulation, and perhaps now spoken could be termed “domainogeny”.

This “Domainogeny” herein would be perhaps a definition of biometrics or the web of life within which we find our individual and collective ontogenies.

And, conceptualizing of an ecosphere level singular entity of life now struggling to avoid the entropy and fragmentation of a trophic leader species dominion upon lesser animals of the earth and fishes of the sea, and even of all the things that creep and crawl upon the earth… is the gravitas of the epochal omega.

Today I created a podcast:

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