Earth Death

I honestly believe in a now impending terminal organic fossil carboniferous fuels depletion apocalypse.

Humanity will not be able to completely avert our fate, even when macroscopic coal liquification terraforming processes become the only option.

Terraforming for applicable chemistry fuels at the requisite scale will destroy places like the Rocky and Appalachian mountain regions, and will certainly be implemented.

In fact, when much of the environment becomes nothing but overburden to be removed to extract carboniferous fuels whereby the global transportation sector might somehow be sustained for the public good; biodiversity will be shattered by the filth.

So, most of civilization will die within decades of this time as the current system dwindles and disappears, and survivors will undeniably kill the biosphere subsequently to the first wave of death as obtaining anthracite to make into liquid fuels becomes unavoidable.

There will not be enough EV, home heating photovoltaics, Cu load bearing on existing P. Taeda grid infrastructure, industry and engineering.

Within a century; the earth will be dead, the gyres will have halted and stagnated the seas, and perhaps physics will begin to recreate life in the resultant mud and putrescence.

Some claim insects and viruses will be the inhabitants of the next geological time period when this current epoch of Christ is fully dead. I for one can not deny.

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