I sometimes think about forest mensuration specifically pertaining to vermin like “el Chupacabra”; and about metamorphic, deciduous forest defoliating insect swarms that alter the habitat of the town of Lyme, Connecticut.

Then, in my megalomaniacal promulgation; the insular biogeographic forest biometrics modeling systems CAD and GIS map program demonstrates the vector pathway of “Neurotoxin-37×1”.

El Chupacabra, with it’s temporally dispersed standard deviation of disease over time efficacies, as the vector host venomous dog “swarm”, did, in fact, make landfall in Lyme, Connecticut.

Thenceforth, the overall health of sapient populations has faced the since endemic threat of the multiple genus venom component dispersal zoonosis.

Chemical and biological threat code factors ostensibly congeal only in Mammalian and Aves hematological and lymphatic body fluids.

Yet, threat code generating factors are compromised of virological “micro beings” and their crust encapsulations; their excretions therefore constitute the salivary gland “venom” of the aforementioned forest mensuration vermin and swarm organisms who in real terms proceed into a blood serum symbiotic populace of all involved genuses.

The aforementioned swarm serum is then causal of regional pack, herd and sociological sapien group schizophrenia …throughout Animalia.

Further, then, human societies are threatened, and or destroyed, when “home entry vector” cats and dogs attack.

Subsequently, after the sapient populace escapes, requisite aerosolized Zyprexa distribution via HVAC, potable water systems, and air burst munitions deployments; become unavoidably necessary aspects of the threat code suppression operation.

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