Bread Alone, Ourselves?

God bless you, Senator Chris Murphy.

Postulations are possible relative to your tweet today.

Yalta Conference planning for the global public good pertained to some type of public welfare; in opposition to axis plans to dispose of said global public.

The migration to Israel by the Zionists, as directed by Theodore Herzl, was contemporaneous to the founding of the House of Saud via Muhammad Abd al Wahhab’ s promise to dominate the desert via a new Southern Arabian theology called Wahhabism.

A Grand plan to build comparative Northern hemisphere infrastructures and their accordant societal paradigms in both old Russia and our USA pitched Soviet model cities like Chernobyl against the more dispersed road and automobile (and fuels) based model American infrastructure and lifestyle.

Initially, the comparative paradigms experienced a temporal peace between the then the Allies during WWII. In fact, During WWII, peace between the USA and the USSR had an aspect of “federalizing” alms across lands external to perhaps mainland Western Europe.

The 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act, after fat man and little boy started the baby boom, led to large scale harvest of plants like Douglas Fir and the wheat and soy now so vital to China and India respectively.

In terms of extraction and harvest of natural resources; petroleum fuels and asphalt, food and animal fodder, and lumber for a housing boom proximal to our USA’s most significant population centers was a miracle which now expands globally each day.

Yet, Senator Murphy; pertaining to the troubled global church you mentioned today; FDR’s era may not have been able to foresee the effects of the SSA’s de facto federalization of the North American alms base of American theological adherence.

Now consider our modernity and the energy, food supply and ideological strife we see today, posterior to Yalta, and in particular concerning Eurasian foodstuffs this growing season.

The American side of the 20th century, and the global Industrial Revolution’s induction of infrastructural paradigm disputes and their eventualities were complex.

Note that ideological struggle pertaining to the 1803 Louisiana purchase from Napoleonic France and pertaining also to similar agronomical planning from Moscow to Syria were pointedly won on our Great Plains by American ingenuity inclusive of Deere’s Moldboard capacities after Bonaparte.

Yet the sickle still struggles to the east of Brandenburg.

And, whilst such paradigmatic infrastructure building of these modern times can be seen to be of apparent superiority in our USA now; we are admittedly facing terminal energy source depletion, as we attempt to bear the burden of feeding the world, even as the oblast soils go fallow beneath war.

So, another postulation is that American power has disputably not been built fast enough to save and feed, by daily bread and other means, all the souls that global conflict due to primarily well intentioned thoughts of alleviating pertaining scarcities and methods of achieving some salvational utopia.

Thus, today, it should be noted that if oblasts across the former Soviet grain belt are not tilled immediately, there won’t be so much as a host for Eurasia.

Oil, timber, food and fodder.

I believe it is time for a second rotation harvest of Fir under the guidance of USFS Chief Randy Moore.

I believe our USA’s USDA needs to prepare, with our US Military, for a famine pogrom that will dwarf the gulag scourge. Plowing under an antiquated sickle scythe dispute may prove politically and logistically impossible. The option may only be to double tillage in our Great Plains and to build or retrofit dry bulk sea freight methodologies.

And, somehow, if I might be permitted to be a selfish American for a moment… please vote accordingly relative to USDA USFS Chief Randolph Moore’s powers.

Assist Chief Moore and all African Americans, in causing a rapid realignment of USFS policy with its historic accomplishments on behalf of so many white people.

Let white people, AND, people with other skin pigmentation live indoors in fir framed homes.

Be the champion of a second harvest rotation suburbia build inclusive of a reparations lumber initiative to benefit all Americans.

And, finally, till, much, much, more, and do so now, so that our USA will save the whole world this year.

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