Equinox agronomy

Today, while still at the vernal equinox, most herbivory has begun to sprout and bud.

It is therefore very near the time where we can use glyphosate concentrate in hand pump jugs, backpack sprayers, or even small trailer tank sprayers.

Glyphosate is water soluble, diluteable, and biodegradable, and it is rain fast for proven efficacy within an hour. The process of defoliation a herbivory death takes at times several days once Glyphosate has been correctly applied.

Selective thinning of undesirable plants, and the maintenance of RR alfalfa and corn, for example, are options for any professional or home agronomist.

I further hypothesize, resultant of controlled experiments and observations, that a certain resistance to the herbicide at the phyla level exists amidst mosses and lichens.

Phyla specificity of the chemically engineered agrochemical is a justification of my referring to Glyphosate as being a glycogen sugar of phosphorus. And, thus, that the efficacy of this agrochemical is targeted at leafy plant phloem parenchyma similarly to how specifically phosphate isolate fertilizer solutions assist those tissues.

My hope is that the GMO aspect of Alfalfa and other ungulate browse, in forestry and wildlife biology, for example, will enable precision silvicultural and forest edge enhancement treatments in the future, and that crops with greater than a season rotation will benefit from the genetic engineering premises, not of the plantae of agronomy, yet of the chemistries of all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Because, gardening, after all, can be improved everywhere.

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