Money for life

I favor military enlistment, in the context of Morrill Act state regionalism, in all cases where economically viable attendance at Ivy League schools is infeasasable.

The stipulated Morrill precedent professional opportunities to be served are de facto held above the general populace.

State Universities, therefore, should only be attended as GI Bill and military specified assignments or when fully funded after secondary school and in accordance with the edicts of the Morrill state university body of income licensure for within the lifetime state of residence; as determined by age 18.

All persons stipulated to be de facto non valid professionals via the Morill licensure precedent of university charter training locale specificities receive no federal monies.

Full absence of all funding for humanity in all cases external to the unionist war federalization stipulated professionalisms of each Morill populace education zone is perhaps further a remnant of a trickle down theoretical perspective.

Thus; when all people not under Morrill are given nothing whatsoever; why spend money on other than bread flour, oil paint and canvas?

Because Americans aren’t even given their daily bread.

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