I think that as yoga stretches articulation, so excessive food stretches the GI. I understand Chef Boppy. Blood cancer made him a Cretan. There was a messy pigpen demon inside of Boppy. I began to understand when I got mild tetanus under the tree. I researched the old diseases from before Pasteur. I thought of U-238 and Harrisburg PA; just down wind of three mile island… in the fallout zone.

There was a city where they mined krypton ore. The people prospered making luminous watch and clock parts. Then, their hair and teeth began to fall out, and eventually their internal organs liquefied, and they defecated themselves to death. The government stipulated that all table salt contain iodine. Still, prohibition was ineffective. No one understood that no one understood all of the rare earth. Soon, speakeasies arose, and people began to drink Canadian whiskey in the shelter of places not susceptible to the toxins outside.

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