I basically had to bear the personal responsibility of realigning about 200 years of US political precedent North and South by being naked, alone, drugged, maimed and abused. So, I didn’t get the chance to have sex or get married these past 25 years.

For this reason; I refuse to “be totally awesome” and choose instead to be a hermit. I have the defense of the SSA and ADA. I will only ever go in. That is; I go inward towards power, and in this case it is all about my psychotropic prescriptions and my psychiatric pharmacotherapy. I will certainly find a way to be housed at Hartford’s IOL before I will ever be “Out” in this modernity’s colloquial. There’s more to that, yet, allow me to proceed.

I really quit now. I quit on all the crap I didn’t want without a wife. I broke at university when I saw that there was nothing under the specificities of our Morrill Act US Department of Education that I ever wanted to achieve alone. So, I thought I could haul food and forest products for the saved. I thought I could do some damn good for the blessed folks who don’t know any better about all the pain in not having what they are given the chance to have within their microcosms.

I didn’t quit when I figured out that all NCAA sport is 100% not for credit and then decided to take professorial advice and “drive a truck”. Hubris? Not mine. Abandoned, defeated, forsaken, alone, hungry, cold and naked? Yeah, that was me before SSA. You’re welcome. I’ll take my $1212, and I’ll take the State of Connecticut guaranteed bed and sanitation.

So, contemporaneous to this epoch of my instant on earth and as I now declare myself finished; I still find myself praying that there is a woman who will marry me. I’m not interested in test runs. It is only that I am unsure if there are women who differentiate between the NYC bling and federal adequacy that seems to be the primary dispute. And politics convolutes everything as it usually does. I for one am making an effort to suppress the open rebellion against the confederate state of New York City. Either that or release the stern proles to harvest fir and boom up another build.

Yet, there isn’t much you need to know from the mantra projector when you don’t take up those arguments about men in suits and distant issues. Up, up, up, or over there, right? I’ll take the room at IOL.

Therefore, in conclusion; all I really learned at my two primary civil war universities is that there is always a premise of first thing first wherever you go. Just learn to mirror “the things everyone simply knows” right back at people… even though compulsory political speech can be difficult to tolerate. One wouldn’t want to be “a them-ist” would you?

I regret to reiterate that I quit. Meekly do as the Roman’s do, whenever you are in Rome. And, realize that we are a federation over confederate parts. On one side you can only be licensed to make money in a primary industry of your home state. Otherwise you can serve as the monied class’s servant or a retail associate. Yet, just remember that you don’t need to listen to Manhattan that much. And, if you are lynched for asserting your freedom for enough years and you are willing to be an ascetic, then eventually you will be thrown some crumbs before you need to see if Vatican City has a dollar for your McDouble. …for better or worse. That’s why I am SSA ADA.

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