Scary Story

US Army Distinguished Service Medal

This is my very scary story:

Does anyone remember when the girl named “Reagan” in The Exorcist part II was actually exercised by the priest? And, father had the blinking hypnosis light.

I know it’s also strangely pertinent here that I know airborne foraging vultures are called a “vigil”.

And, I know it’s further unusual that this makes me think of Saint Thomas Seminary here in Bloomfield. I have heard masses there.

The entirety of this makes me think of raves and a story I heard about how someone lost their army tunic at Woodstock music festival and it had the distinguished service medal on it.

This is my story.

The US Army Distinguished Service Medal was first awarded at the time of the Armistice and the influenza, also known as the Spanish flu.

There are hematophillic parasites in this world. Strange stories exist where a metamorphic spyrochete exists in insect blood and is comparably benign relative to a viral pathogen and it’s secreted viral neurotoxin within the larvae or moth.

In 1994 I heard a lecture by a Yale physician named Dr. Mark Plotkin. I recall the doctors’s story of a foraging rainforest detritus beetle species which was essentially intelligently predated upon by a fungus with primarily detritus habitat biometrics, yet, the fungal parasitism also led to aerial dispersal of the fungal species’ spores …whenever the detritus beetles would at times ingest the fungus at ground level.

The psychotropic fungus would then compel an abnormal beetle behavioralism of tree climbing.

When the fungus begins to consume the flesh inside the beetle exoskeletons, and the neurotoxins effect the beetle ganglion, they in a deluded state climb trees as high as they can, to where they will die, under the hallucinatory influence of the psychotropic fungal parasite. It is not a symbiosis. It is an, entomological at least, psychiatric parasitism.

Having obeyed the other organism and died, the beetles are consumed from within by the fungal microfibrils until the exoskeletons crack open and mushroom caps emerge… only to rain spores downward in a process like the anemophilly of pollen.

The spores then culture and grow in the detritus they have been blown down upon by the wind dispersal process, and the process of evolutionary biological ganglion control and manipulation begins again.

When a new generation of healthy beetles stumbles along and ingests the new crop of fungal microfibrils they are, in a way, chemically coerced to die in service to the hallucinogen they have eaten accidentally.

Thus, a scatter plot topographical map can be envisioned where populations of detritus beetles suddenly spike into behaviorally abnormal elevations above an anemophillic patchwork of plots where the dispersals of fungal spores have rooted and susceptible species have wandered into the dispersal perimeter.

I have never, and I swear this, never seen Amazonian people from the forest depths wander into civilization with their craniums effected and exhibiting the fibril growth.

Think, however, of all the F, P, K, and U class Hazardous waste, the entomological vectors and biometrics, the Aves, the Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes, the minerals and the metals which disperse into an insular biogeographic flux, sedimentation or aerosol dispersal.

Think of places where U238 is causal of hair loss and tooth loss, burns and internal organ liquification.

The Bible says white hair on red or yellow sores or boils is to be pronounced unclean by the priest.

There was a beautiful town by a lake that mined a glowing green ore and made it into luminous watch and clock parts, yet eventually everyone melted internally and defecated themselves to death. The ghost town is still there. The lake is Chrystal blue.

Chernobyl and three mile island, (upwind from Harrisburg PA) have cretinism histories. The radiation effects the lymph and people are stupefied whilst they become overbearing and dominant. Today levothyroxine can be prescribed for hypothyroidism, yet, Dr. M. was spellbound by the thought of lymphatic psychiatric epidemiology. In history there was only iodine to cure hyperthyroidism.

Hippocrates speaks in Airs, Waters, Places and Epidemics, of a mist from the west. The fever seized the testes of the men and the wombs of the women. Goiters appeared at the groins, necks and armpits of the sickened, and then their bodies reddened and blackened before turning to rot.

The people fell down, down, down, in ashes, ashes, ashes. Parents sang to children “Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posie, ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

Yet the potpourri had no effect.

The rivers turned to blood.

There were gnats and locusts.

The swirling dust storms came as the desert encroached, constricting the verdant lands and their agronomical production until the pharaoh killed those he could not feed. He chased them down with chariots and slit their throats.

Some fled… several millennia before the napoleonic conquest of Egypt. They began in a garden. The persisted through the dust. They begot and begot and begot.

There are rain and sandstorm erosion marks on the body of the sphinx and yet the face of Ramses is marred only by wind thrown sand and the cannonball which struck his nose.

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