Herr Ruhrder

The ostensibly real and famous Pleistocene Cretaceous impact epoch organic fossil fern paleobotanist Dr. Sigmund Ruhrder once wrote, in a book, that “a pipe is merely a pipe without directional drilling and wellbore pyrotechnics”. And, furthermore; that “substrate flora will never relinquish any taxonomic historiography.” Which is both true and tragic. Because, it is both in the traprock that only skeletal calcium like seashells is found, and everything else is carboniferous in the solid, liquid or gaseous form. Utile to humanity was the immediate paradigmatic of a new world without pedestrian cities and yet to be built of the first rotation of fir.

I like to consider writing science fiction that speaks from a time after the substrate ferns are gone. The beginning was long ago, then the begotten and the dust. Propagule dispersals spread as though anemophily in the swarms of gnats and locusts as the sands encroached upon the Sphinx.

Begetting and the begotten will continue.

Years ago I said after church that there has always been a map. Like cemeteries are kept to assure the ascension on the final day.

I had been sitting in a lecture hall a decade earlier and contemplating my Scantron corporation test form.

Years later I researched their handwriting verification software and scanners.

Later, a pastor’s whisps of handwritten script were given to me in a half a dozen legal size bindings. I tried to advise and the volumes were relocated.

Ribonucleic acid works with ribosomes in the Golgi bodies to synthesize such as bone by making the polymer proteins that make it.

So all the DNA is coded to make the proteins that basically make the lipids and the sugars, and such, in domain Eukaryota.

And everything begotten begets and begets. And so there was a beginning and the begetting began and it was all remembered for some time regarding whom and by whom the begotten had begotten. Then, not quite everything could be remembered, so, well, goodnight.

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