Letter to Senator Murphy

Thank you very much Senator Chris Murphy!

I tell my ingenious psychologist Dr. Scott Jones of Granby that my clinical psychiatric brain injury related disability removes me from the “contexts” of family, matrimony, faith and employment… even though over the last 29 years I have been academic enough to achieve a (low GPA) bachelor of science in energy, natural resources and environment, and to build PEYTORILL . com and its app. (App. AppInstitute. Com/ WB944)

It is a profound blessing to hear our highest federal leaders speaking against the stigma often correlated with clinical brain injury and disease terminology.

And, pertaining to your other current initiatives: firearms problems are all conceptual. Too many TV gunshots and car crashes… even though “the industry” has eliminated the 80’s horror genre. I for one am a wildlife biologist and I believe in rifles. Hunting, knowledge of an entire biomes essential taxonomy and of a forests taxonomic dynamism, and even taxidermy… makes me desirous of a NATO 5.56 round ultralight ergonomic biathlon rifle with a pneumatic projector in over under configuration. We need to cull Litchfield county bear and Merritt parkway ungulata. DEEP needs to be a well regulated militia with sharpshooters. Don’t attack the second amendment. Change the cat chase robbery and assault culture into one of smokey bear and woodsy owl typification… and call USFS Chief Randy Moore about reparations lumber builds up 7&8.

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