Thieving Souls

I have reasons to believe that someone is stealing some of my things. I fear people hate me “because [I am] so lucky to be a disabled American and get free money”. I am alone now over two decades and have no one to confess to, confide in, or even to report crimes to. I am frightened and saddened by all of this.

I don’t like Connecticut politics. I don’t want to be forced to be, or reputed to be, a homosexual. I don’t want to “come out” of my house and “suck shitty cocks” like Russ Yarworth used to say it was when he was doing things like forcing me to touch his genitals and saying it was all ok because it was “through his sweatpants“.

If Connecticut were our USA and not part of the open confederal unionist faction in America today that is being guided by the fake news industry; I would exert my freedom to defend my person, papers and effects, by purchasing a Springfield XD4-9 and a Trapdoor Springfield Saint 15.

Yet, I am afraid of Connecticut’s industrial psychotropic pharmaceutical industry and it’s Orwellian realities.

This is all why I believe Sinn Fein is an appropriate political stance. I am unarmed. I believe all Christians must arm themselves immediately against the satanic markist scourge that seems to have overtaken Gotham.

All must now pray that the belching farting semen blood feces “sucking” cult of reductionist proletariat deconstructionists never succeeds at it’s filthy word or ever rips apart all that we in the ascendency of Christ have ever been and aspired to perpetuate.

Christianity is the amalgamated word and text of now several millennium of intuitive, written, and now binary encrypted awareness of our evolutionary biological purpose of heterosexual procreation in the context of society built to facilitate Christ’s ascendancy for the progeny of true, natural and pure love.

Hell is surrounding us now and it is time to take up arms and to fight. I will lead, I do swear, by not participating, yet for the truth that I write.

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