King Trump (Over There)

So I skipped the epic Trump guffaw last night. Pretty woman too. Something about paperwork. And, I believe in the US constitution. There are three bodies of government within our Federation. They are: the (bicameral) legislature, the executive, and the judicial. Everything domestic is subject to due process within that systematic triumvirate of redundant agreements. And, although the president seems prescribed by the constitution to be as though a sovereign monarch overseas in times of war; his or her domestic powers seem limited at home by these participatory realities accorded to all government persons.

Incidentally, our USA is not a democracy. Our USA is a representative democracy where we participate in a vaguely defined party nomination process, then vote on candidates who will vote on our behalf on actual laws… if a somewhat secret body of electors agrees with the choice of candidate made by the “voters”.

Contrarily, Democratus ideated an ideal Greek system where every man, who was of age, and who owned property, while in good standing with the state, had a personal vote equal to the votes of all similar men and that these male and privileged leaders each had as their exclusive right a vote on the passage of every specific actual law. Others were citizens and free to benefit from the leaders success, or they were slaves.

Plato, it need be mentioned, transcribed what Socrates had said: that a republic was comprised of leaders, warriors, citizens and slaves. As such, “Platonic” leaders concern themselves with only the wellbeing of the state and receive no reward or recognition, and they abstain from all other things, whereas, warriors defend the state, wage war, and control commerce. Warriors control and receive all the monetary benefit and power when the state makes a deal, and, the plunder from war. Citizens then are free to live in a secure and prosperous state. And then there were slaves, who, I have heard, were denoted as such by having one of their feet painted white.

Pertaining to all of this; the only USA presidential election question these days seems to be whether we want Trump to be King of Persia in particular. Or, of Hercania, or Macedon, as nearly everything east of Transylvania, Marmara and Ukraine was once variably referred to.

There are reasons both for and against the potential outcomes of our modern political circumstances here in our USA. 1) American Antitrust Precedents in the World Court …pertaining to carboniferous fuels monopoly and the demand side allocation realities. 2) CPEC and the CCP Navy, and, 3) Carboniferous Fuels Phases …and the eventuality of coal liquification sans a billion electric Volvos by 2050.

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