Bloomfield Congregational church was erected in 1858. Three years before Sumpter. It seems less and less possible to walk to a center of power. There’s not even a trail from the old Lasalette monastery through the forest and Filley Park to the church.

Perhaps it’s the way that federalism’s regional structure has defeated confederal localism? Then, after 1863 Pacific Rail, 1956 Superhighway and national defense act dedicated us to the fossil hydrocarbons of Mesopotamia. Yet, that’s a separate story about how Appalachian coal liquefaction defeated the Ruhr liquids fired Luftwaffe.

Those fuels are spent in the south arabia that might have been built by an FDR invention called Wahhabism.

So now we’e invoked us antitrust law and taken north arabia. Canada has filthy tar sands like Siberia. I believe that Appalachia, parts of the Midwest and the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range are solid phase, and “it will only take” the “removal of overburden with yellow sulpherous rock” for our USA to “keep on trucking” materiel, goods and manufactures to everyone who wants a Prius and Green Party extreme sportswear.

I further believe that this Carnegie STP Trust plan is the grand plan of the Union era Republic since Lincoln.

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