Stern Marxism

This is what I do because this is what Yale does to me:

In 1998 I vehemently proclaimed myself sane and heterosexual, and specified an additional right refrain from being a rectal sodomite; in open opposition to Holdsworth and Boyden halls at UMass Amherst.

My subsequent 1988 “arrest” was after a time of Holdsworth professorial faction’s attempts at my expulsion from UMass and during my contemporaneous estrangement from the Amherst campus due to my abject poverty.

Connecticut authorities have always maintained that my arrest was not an arrest. Thus the state of Connecticut has always maintained that no requisite statement of my rights needed to be cited to me as I was dragged shoeless from the book I was reading in my bed.

I soon found myself restrained amongst unrestrained hospital patients urinating on the walls, and citing my 4th amendment right to security of (my own) person; at the precise time that I was restrained and violated by syringe.

Yale asserted control of my life in 1988.

I was attempting to leave MA & CT as a refutation of de facto state media’s promulgation of stern marxism, and I have been sublimated here in Connecticut for now nearly 30 years without trial.

I maintain my sanity plea. And, I will continue to attest to my own sanity despite Yale Psychiatric Medical and Connecticut Pharmaceutical corporation opposition to my beliefs of my having my own dominion over my own person, writing and speech.

I attest to my having a dominion o’er self superior to theirs in cases where decisions are being made about my body and my health.

I continue to believe I have every right to think, write and speak freely.

I pray I may some day speak regarding Connecticut and Yale’s need to stand down on overwhelming people by abject force of law and medicine.

No state has the right to pharmacologically imprison human beings for life without due process. And, there will not be prohibitions on constitutional rights. God bless our USA.

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