I am a hermit. I only hide and await abject compulsory force. I think I am a Marion Wisp somehow.

I believe this behavior is becoming a religion for me. I am a prepper, even though holywood makes emergency preparedness farcical as it does all things. I like the idea of a pantry. I always fail. I am alone. I am a reductionist.

There is something apparitional in my awareness ever since a Navy GI ran up to me at a barbecue and melted aspects of my right temporal lobe with an unknown chemical. Reagan said Alzheimer’s was “like fading into the shadows” and it seems I am going with him.

Brain damage for me has been about accelerated thoughts in a state of sublimation and sedation; with the added complexity of a right temporal schism that makes spatial, temporal, and lingual cognition need a synaptic squelch. It is a din. Yet, I am present.

I believe myself to be articulate and acute. I have always written and read. Yet, I increasingly find myself in disagreement with the Union era’s first campaign of aggression against the South… and my doubts of the unionist cause also include the second and third campaigns.

I say I disagree with the Union era’s first act of aggression because at times I feel abandoned by the federation. If to “assuage the rage” so to speak, of the colloquial promulgation of the abolitionist premise; I say that for me there are other ramifications to the 1860s assertion of the federation by the northern confederal states.

Namely, the federalization, via Pacific Rail 1863 and Superhighway and National Defense 1956; has regionalized all professions and sources of wherewithal. And, while such as Geology and pertaining herbivory upon forest and croplands cannot be repealed. (As though the 1863 laws are natural law)… there remains the reality of there being no significant funds allocated from federal sources to professions other than medicine in Connecticut, nothing but corn in IA, and nothing but loblolly and cotton in SC.

The medicine, food, fodder, electrical infrastructure and textiles in these examples are all vital. Yet, there are still those who believe in Justin Morrill’s vital dairy state.

So… to put the question simply: Confederal localism and funding for all professions (like IA forestry or VT Dairy), or, welfare like some sort of universal food stamps and cash assistance (like so many Connecticut non physicians need)

The partisanship in our USA has gone too far. We need to realize, understand and calculate for the fact that we are a regionalized federation. There must be ways for people to be something other than the federation stipulated occupation PhD. We cannot go on deluding the population with fiction and a media industry within which everything is private intellectual property. And people need to know that south Arabia is depleted, we invoked US antitrust law to seize a militarily monopolized public resource destined for the public good. And there is only so much time for liquid phase fuels before increased terraforming a anthracitic liquefaction.

This aforementioned is why I am a hermit. I don’t care any more. I wanted a wife and I still hope to find one. Everything for me has been compulsion. Let it all burn. Get me a fiddle. I believe in love and I don’t believe in economics. I also believe that no one understands anything about anything and whenever anyone speaks all kinds of “concerned citizens” jump up with their red or blue ball caps on and make nonsense.

I withdraw. I learned about the din and decided a CDL A was a better idea than UMass. I was arrested. I will take any sleeper cab I can get not to have to be lost amidst a din again. Since then cellular phones have arrived and become computers. I will continue to broadcast for one and only one wife. I will continue to prepare for my daily bread and for the fuels depletion apocalypse amidst the Marxist scourge and the cacophony of fake news.

Peace be with you all. Read, write, and find security of place with your person papers and effects. I, for one, feel that my very soul is under attack.

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