Monetary Theocracy

I pretty much feel that nobody ever gave me a fucking dollar other that the federal government. When I was a kid, my father used to play games with me where he would take me to a place called Bob’s surplus clothing and get me a pair of Chuck Taylors, and maybe a sweatshirt or a cheap jacket, and he would say “don’t tell your mother I bought you shoes this winter”. So not only did I never have a fucking dollar, I also never knew that I ever would.

So, when the federal government offered me around $1000 a month to be disabled, I really felt like a millionaire. it’s more than I’ve ever imagined having, and I truly feel wealthy. I’m certain these days that some people understand that if you are externalized to a system like economic theology, that you, in turn, find no relevance in anything that it preaches.

That, is why I serve the federal government as a Social Security beneficiary. I do not believe in any of the crap I see on New York City television deceiving me with pleas to want more money and more shit that doesn’t do anything for me or anyone in my community.

I have taken several decades worth of federal funds and built a shop with which I hope to someday help my community. My profession in life has become about being a federally funded Social Security Administration disabled American. This life was forced upon me at a funding rate of about $1212/mo by Yale University Psychiatry in 1998.

30 years at $1212/mo is more than nothing.

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