I believe that in 1998 I basically protested the annulment conscriptions that had deployed me to the Morrill Act state universities of Clemson and UMass Amherst.

I had decided I would no longer follow the duplicitously divergent orders I had been dutifully obedient to during my parents twenty year argument and divorce struggle. This, though, after arriving at the belief that USN had no need of my 55:05 5k abilities, especially given water temperature effects during exertion att Hormuz calculations… had that even ever been necessary. And, accordingly I had been realigning my planning towards Army service as 1) Holdworth Hall faction had been moving for my expulsion for reasons as insignificant as the choice of words like creek or stream, or if I said leaf litter layer in place of propriety of terms like detritus.

So, after arriving home during the expulsion process with 9 credits remaining in my pursuit of my bachelor of science in energy, natural resources and environment, having not been told I could enlist, and contemporaneous to the cessation of all funding during purport of familial love; I found myself under intense duress to 1) continue at university in opposition to the expulsion process with orders to be something like a SEAL Commodore Senator, etcetera. Or. 2) work in the unlit dog food room at Shoogbark where the three level loading dock triple transfer pickup truck loading scenario is a hundred yards from the class A flat tire box trailers that are used for fodder and bedding storage.

So… following UMass Dr. Bob Muths derisive edict to drive a truck I had believed I might work for a corporation that delivered required materiel for American life and which actually had funding. Curt Griffin had also said to me “Then you go down there and take out the garbage, and we will stay up here and study the environment!”

Also evidentiary is a recent call to Mr. Griffin where I phoned to inform him that I had obtained, Leucocephalus.Army, and Leucocephalus.Navy, where he mockingly answered and upon hearing my name exclaimed “Awww, Siymawn, nyce ta hear y’all” in a mocking proof of a causality to the expulsory act based on a slight drawl I’d obtained at Clemson. There had also been testimony as to my matriculation at Clemson being proof of my wanting to be politically incorrect.

Thus; Yale arrested and sublimated me for 28 years without a trial in a process inclusive of being restrained and violated by syringe while reciting the fourth ammendment verbatim. I was put on a course of Zyprexa and three lorazepam per day immediately upon matriculating at and subsequently heavily drugged with Clozapine and enough Lithium salts to power Remus without any tether to Alvin. My metaphor there is that of a psychotropic saturation dive into a void of tremendous pondering duh; where I began to find ethos, pathos, and logos within my slumbering id and the build a case for my ascendant return.

My point, perhaps, is that I needn’t win in a Speedo nor dig on the farm. I thought I was cool about who I was. I knew that swimming is useless above about the proficiency I had in high school. I was arrested and told that they were simply helpers.

I knew that I was swimming towards Navy service yet Studying on the Army side. I had avoided ROTC and planned for OCS because I had sensed that Holdsworth Hall was vehemently averse to “anthropocentricism” from the start.

And I had focused on achieving a nearly entirely eastern seaboard comprehension of public, private, federal, state and municipal land designations, utile purposing, domain specificities, jurisdictions and their hierarchies, etcetera.

Therefore, I began to realign from the pursuit of a commission in the Navy to one in the Army. And, having been transferred from an industrial forestry state of SC to the fallow abandoned land use policies in MA that are resultant of the 1956 Superhighway Act: I deemed it appropriate to camouflage my efforts to graduate and then proceed into the Navy [via OCS] in the UMass setting that is without Navy ROTC opportunities.

And, by the time I realized I am an Army cartographic resource procurement type; I was stuck with the capacity to swim LI Sound in several hours and yet did not know anything about the sea, because Griffin had neglected to ever mention to me, although I was the best swimmer in UMass history, and even though he was being paid to guide me through the university experience.

In fact; it remains painfully obvious that saboteur Griffin never spoke to me about WHOI, the Atlantis, Captain Robert Ballard, or even told me I could attend Griffin’s own classes. I might have begun as a diver for Navy Captain Bob Ballard, had UMass not politicized my life according to the TV Mason-Dixon news induced prejudices that all the doctors get their knowledge from.

So, when all funding was removed with 9 credits left; I lost housing and was refused a security deposit for an apartment of my own. So, I lost my job at Hatfield MA’s C&S wholesale grocery distributors with no place to live.

I returned home and was provided with a weekly dozen eggs and package of bacon and began to gain weight by eating that and the apples and carrots that were intended for the animals. I was required to be in Amherst three days per week for noon winter session classes and lived in my car without sufficient money for both food and the interstate commute from Killingworth to Amherst which I was able to afford by living in yellow lot. And, it was therefore difficult to obtain a job in Connecticut with flexible enough hours to accommodate me while homeless and hungry in Massachusetts.

Next; in 1998, while reading a book lying on my floor mattress: three police officers entered my room. The one who said “you’re coming with us!” Eventually dragged me out of the house. Yet, the other two agreed with my constitutional law argument and left the scene in their two cars.

I was brought to the hospital and violated by syringe while reciting the fourth amendment, and, while drugged; Dr. Care, (Who has since changed his surname to Caree) called me a racist. I yelled, insulted, in retort; “fuck you!” and he screamed “schizophrenia”!

I have been sublimated for the subsequent 28 years and have never spoken with a lawyer regarding my case.

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