Thinking about Capers? Do not just slop your store bought mayonnaise. Caper mayonnaise oleo with grated cheese and Herbs de Provence is best, herein, when you have “baby” kale in mind …when you are interested in eating a nice piece of fish.

And, don’t forget that Mayonnaise, like Hollandaise for Eggs Benedict and perhaps Béarnaise, for filet, is the protein of Ovum sans yolk, with vinegar. Egg whites are heated slowly in a double boiler; though most chefs, regrettably, can not control their mayonnaise and resultantly do not make much mayonnaise of their own. At the very least it might be said that industrial mayonnaise factories have cheapened the slow heat process requisite of truly great personal mayonnaise in abundant quantity for putting into an exquisite dish. You can have my word on that. And, it can also be said that given the rapidity of today’s gratuitous kitchens, a proper Sous is often unemployed along with any Boulanger who otherwise might be putting buns in the oven.

Chefs, of course, are thought to be men. Ovum, meanwhile, is the feminine Latin root of words pertaining to eggs, such as ovulation. And, the comparative assessment of gametes is ostensibly digressive here, so, we proceed with a mere mention of the proper heat:

Consider therefore the slow heat of the double boiler, and, relative to the chill and to getting the heat on; always maintain your recourse to preparing your perfect piece of fish, as here exemplified: hot and right.

This plated fish lunch, pictured, by way of an example, might better have been re-baked for a degree of salubriousness, and, upon the toast; perhaps pressed or grilled according to one’s intentions and accordance with the wishes of the consumer seeking mayonnaise.

Yet, having sufficient mayonnaise is typically an issue of expediency for the modern chef, who is a player in need of producing many conveyor belt sandwiches; fast.

Therefore, readily obtained industrial production mayonnaise is commonly what the mayonnaise consumer gets.

Contrary to the modern world of industrial mayonnaise manufacturing; chefs today are often left, and unable to prepare and distribute their own mayonnaise via correct time and care: The slow hot “home cookin” pursuit of not burning one’s eggs off; until meal time.

That of course leads us to the Lenten and the Lourde. Wherein seasons of want and plenty, and of fasting and feasting, are the Catholic missal calandar and seasonal traditions of heterosexual love and dietetics through the year.

Returning from the digression towards a dissertation on societal dietary realities and the sexual normalcy of uro-vaginal intercourse joining gametes in the womb; amongst persons desirous of procreating children in our Christendom thus built to deliver them through life via the ascendancy of Jesus Christ, and therefore that they might themselves propagate our lineages to beget and beget:

This essay is ostensibly in regards to common chefs and mayonnaise. A more perfect scenario than simply schlepping industrial factory mayonnaise squirters may include, therefore; a chef cooking personal mayonnaise on the slow waiting and loitering heat of readiness, where, when the custom mayonnaise is really ready, and considering also the preparation of hollandaise or béarnaise; “custom sauce” can be put into its rightful place in in the completion of the perfect dish. (For a full belly). It is, after all; religion.

Of course you must understand.

Know, therefore, that in addition to this story of “Poisson et Ovum”; that additionally a breakfast egg soufflé heats in the oven for considerable time before it is truly ready. In all cases of Ovum and ovum sauce(s); don’t “burn off” your eggs. Allow there to be sufficient time for your mayonnaise, hollandaise, béarnaise, oleo and other sauces to be ready for a proper meal. “Sauce du Ovum” is perhaps conceptual; proteins, gametes, eggs, ovulation, heat and thermodynamic concerns. There is something about sauces and ovens. There is something about the Sous and the Boulanger.

And, don’t forget “baby” greens.

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