Shout to the Nations!


Compare and contrast the Tull seed drill with the Deere Moldboard plow, especially concerning the term ”drill” as it pertains to the manufacture and monetization of beads and wampum, and to the rifling of Trapdoor Springfield Saints.

And, in addition please consider rotational kinetic energy contextual to the Whitney Gin, with its historical debate over shorts and labor, and to the looms of weaver Andrew Carnegie, and additionally to the Colt Revolver. (& later to the underlying physics of EB and Sikorsky with the addition of the sciences of fluid dynamics)

Then, in comparative context with all perspectives on the colonial era and additionally relative to the supremacy of confederal states such as Massachusetts Bay Colony and Rhode Island Plantation, in overt conquest of the Indigenous peoples of the NorthEast, yet, prior to the three “Unionist Era” Campaigns of Northern Confederal State Aggression against 1) the Southern Confederal States of the Colonial Era Confederacy. 2) Against all Native People’s in “The Land of Lincoln” epitomized, or led, in the colloquial English by the oral tradition “Sioux”. And 3) Against Global Imperial Spain and it’s amalgamation of territories as they had come to exist posterior to the demise of the Spanish Armada and contemporaneous to the various Abdications and Revolutions of the WWI/II event continuum:

And, I beg of thee, consider the influx of predominantly iron auls, hatchets, adzes, axes and mauls, and of the aforementioned term “drill” relative to all it might apply to.

And, furthermore, I do also beg, consider the comparative context of market economic theory, property rights, and the delineations of such, and of all of the impacts of economic theory and of monetarily derived ownership upon places as it is: in theory being a mere postulation, perhaps a promulgation, of said “mere theory” and therein no more than an abstraction of the calculated valuation of one man over another.

Whereby, an ostensible “sole rite of dominion” via “$” and amidst competing ideations might arise to be bought and sold by weak minded men.

And, that therein, and as “$” is now generative of all dispute whence placed in its own vacuum of an isolated singular context of “$”: the monetization abstraction; which may or may not pertain to all jurisdictions upon the firmament; or to the murder of red ball cap persons generally, please allow me to introduce myself, to your world, of wealth and power. …as I cast your economic theory aside.

Yet, I once more beg of ye that I, I, in not being him, the Messiah, do humbly request that in my exile relative to your modalities of thought; I shall maintain my due right as a faithful citizen of your(?) explicit federation to ye welfare dollar.

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