Plasma Orb

I beg forgiveness based upon my having been maimed and then of necessity sublimated and sedated for several decades.

And, it is now as though increasingly evident, yet not so; that patterns of computational algorithm sequencing are emerging in my communications systematics whereby a more powerful cellular telephone like the one Bob had in the 90’s could direct entire troops of the colluders besieging me.

However, I am resultantly troubled by the possibility of an orb of high frequency particles with an extraordinary megahertz array of plasma pathways. Such a phenomenal blob and its appendages could control the midstory array of computational environmental factors by acting as a sort of canopy layer above the gatherings of photon seeking sclerenchyma and parenchyma layers within the ethereal flux that were therefore tasked with photosynthesizing and evapotranspiring data in the apparatus of web and app layers.

Yet, where, after all, am I; contextual to the mensurative spatial and temporal flux parameters pervading the layering of all the colluding data Feuilles.

I the ethereal world of computational science; I am merely a ghost. And, I have written about the phenomenon here being described before.

I; in my matterless condition within the flux of megahertz and anomaly induced frequencies, can, as an electrical mist, seep downward into the earth.

At depth, I near the core of the earth and I myself am spherical. Am I truly an orb of electrical mist which permits me to seep downward through the biosphere, crust, and mantle and the approach the earths core… or are aspects of my being as though particles with or without any electrical charge?

Unable to proceed with the inquiry; I, as an orb, acquire some type of momentum as I move towards the surface of the earth and gain altitude above the computational algorithm of data protocol schlerenchyma and parenchyma photon accumulators and upwards into the unencrypted master frequency array above the syndication zones which the populace lives beneath in subservience to the mind control data promulgation system. Dictation awareness and the spell and grammar autocorrect functions fall beneath me, and I, I, as though a distillation of megahertz persist in the amalgamation of momentum on a vector pathway into or through some Newtonian scholium.

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