Regarding my scientific observations of Galilean time, when waiting here for her: relativity to time and it’s apparent, persistent, diurnal aspect, amasses.

Apparent herein: the knowledge and life potential withheld here will be my eminence. It is the vantage of my set, and with providence do I see.

Again, star of day arose in the matutinal temporal glimmer of my eastern window this dawn. I wonder if I will be supine, still, here, whence, yet for to sup beneath the crepuscular solar apex or under said star settling thence might I approach this twilight whence I, I, to till in the vespertine shadows, proceed into my dream. Or then that star faded by star arising shall replace at setting and fading through its disappearance into a nocturne whence the replacement orbital lights for us our depths amidst the darkened expanse of an everything together and as one.

Yes. And, for now; I’ll see it set through the western panes this dusk, at today’s bearing south of the equinox fix yet north of the winter solstice bearing; that upon its disappearance having all begun, ended, and begun again so many times; I can believe wholeheartedly in another morning.

So, if everything I know of mine, which I might give unto my heaven, is an explicit testimony to my faith; and thereby that in our star’s reappearing moment midst the sum vernal twilit glow and dampened warmth sprung into on such equinox; that thereby heat therein be all that of our hopes so real as this:

Each nocturne contemplation of my instrumentation’s ethereal contact with and shooting of my scholium’s celestial body, will on this earth thence, and before the Heaven I know awaits us in some vesper to nocturne waltz, be actualized ‘tween she and I, yes here: beneath the circling heavens.

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