Lachang Forest Bio-Incident

Ursidae melanoleuca builds a highly seasonal nest of Bambusoideae Genus stems in the alpinous habitat of the Lachang headwaters biome.

In this year of the lagomorph, there is considerable concern at Lachang headwaters since Bat and Ox years led to the Hubei provincial virology incident.

The issue is not specifically in regards to Lachang limnology yet certainly pertains to rainforest climatological zoonosis parameters within the seasonality of such as spyrochete metamorphic life stage limnology amidst larval phase hematology of rodentia.

The following is fictional promulgation of a rough theory.

There is a story about swarm of caterpillars in a social cocoon nest, and tells further about a moth phase mutagenesis which will be presented in brief in the rest of this document.

Nest, USA, NE Oak/Maple Deciduous Forest.

(Now, 8:45AM EST, 5/20/2023) I am posting this essay unfinished, which will send an alert to my valued subscribers. I will return to finish this essay.


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