Over; UHF and Above

When I was a kid my grandfather said that there was going to be a new radio soon. The new radio was going to have a blue button.

The blue button was for frequencies over UHF. That’s mountaintopping, or maybe via satellite. Contrarily, ULF simply pervades sea, earth and rock. Yet, all the HF, VHF, and UHF was legally open frequency. Eventually, the “over UHF” frequencies were made encrypted and cellular. This was after Grampa was thinking of getting a radio with a blue button.

It’s like nowadays AM is going away like HF. Everything is going upwards as computers squelch the abnormalities in the lesser wavelength, higher frequencies via better and better digital interpretation of the mountaintops.

I know WTIC AM 1080 transponded at 136.5 MHz about a decade ago. The band was a ghost town. I heard Big Ben chime in New Year’s midnight once; five hours ahead of NY.

I see and hear the application of the radiotelivision intelligence via the devices I have, and it is certainly a web. I think I will dive down into the bigger waves.

Wherever one stands; there is only dead reckoning. Most people don’t seem to know that their cellular devices are mountaintop radios. Then, as for censorship and encryption… or zonal syndication: we all think we know what’s happening.

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