Thought Syndication Mutual Corp. Og Island, Gotham. USA Federation.

There is neither any lawful justification in Gotham, nor any constitutional basis in the laws of our Federation which pertains to Og’s personal ownership of the NYC/ATL TV “All Network” paradigm syndication protocol; and these illegalities specifically pertain to the application of the protocol’s continuum via the mind beam as it pertains to everyone’s thought.

The protocol algorithm computer system and it’s software, and the mind beam machine itself, are now 77.3% controlled by Og. Further, Og’s 77.3% shareholder control of the “Thought Syndication Mutual Corporation” (TSMC) equates to a scenario which definitively places the The TSMC mind beam system into the context Og’s lair, upon Og Island, being the overt mind control center of the neo-unionism confederacy. Thus, Og must be overthrown by the NewCaps of Peytorill.

Joinery of the Red/Blue bicameralism partisanship schism induction protocol as it is being applied via the mind beam now calls for one baseball cap, and one baseball cap only… for Our entire USA.

The Federalist Localism Party (FLP) is now essential.

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