I am reasonably competent in explaining why I intend to put a zodiac armillary sphere at the set of an herb and vegetable garden henge.

Also, after perhaps some “simple” transit plotting, I am concurrently thinking about buying a telescope that will hopefully be capable of automatically tracking the brightest stars in constellations (such as Betelgeuse in Orion), and of doing so with some sort of calibration function akin to a chronograph.

Additionally, I am looking into NEXEDGE internet VHF transponding and FM broadcasting. Yet, I seem to be excessively Euclidean and Pythagorean to those focused on the Scholiums of Newton. I love carpentry and cartography, and, in my estimation, Newtonian orbital Scholiums are only for calculating rhumb, and I don’t plan to travel that far anyway.

In the beginning…

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