I have grown to know that for me at least; there is no mandatory fucking or sodomy of any type, or pertaining to any genitalia or hole, nor am I subject to government or media policy or laws regarding such, be they litigated or de facto.

And, that even in cases where behaviors abhorrent to me, such as rectal sodomy, seem promulgated by all apparent government, media, and popular belief systems; I may choose in stead to assert and persevere in my religion, writing and speech, while secure in my person… and live as a heterosexual Christian man seeking to be one day wed to my bride so that I may thenceforth live in wedlock and in holy matrimony. Because, Jesus Christ is my salvation and through him I will love a woman, and she will be my wife, and that in the traditional Christian pursuit of Christ’s ascension we in Christendom shall rise in the ascendancy of the Christ …away from hell and upwards unto heaven.

For Heaven, Christendom and biological and carnal forms of life and soul all exist. And, the amalgamated lesson of Christendom through perhaps seven millennia is that there are correct ways for human gametes to meet, and for souls which exist incarnate from that time to be elevated by Christian civilization upwards to heaven and into the eternal salvation promised by God.

We, in being more advanced species than such as rodentia and insect species, and because we are sapiens who prevail in Gods Dominion; create fewer propagules per pregnancy and then correspondingly allocate more time and energy to caring for each child.

In this way and above all; the souls within sapiens are elevated unto heaven by a Christendom which believes in there being souls within human life whenever a sapien is created. And, therefore, Christendom is the amalgamated knowledge of salvation and its pertaining application to a learned and applied nurturing and defense of Christian souls upwards upon the continuum of Jesus Christ’s mission to us all whereby we have been shown that we might be saved, and delivered, unto heaven.

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