I feel obligated to comment. You sodomites cannot compel me to acknowledge you and it is wrong for you to be occupying the church.

I did not like being stationed at USDOINPSCCNSRPB (center chair), and it wasn’t necessarily the homosexuals or the lesbians; it was the issue of “advocacy”.

It is wrong to compel others to abide by behaviors and compulsory speech regarding things abhorrent to them. And, it is also offensive that you affiliate the BLM flag with your rainbow perversion of the Bible’s Armageddon.

I for one am heterosexual, Catholic, celibate without being avowedly so, and I have every right to walk the streets of our town unimpeded by proponents of feces sodomy in particular.

And, the degradation of language itself into perpetual syllabic fecal sodomite nuance is a blatant attack on the God Given first amendment rights of any American.

I also say that I have no problem with communal idealism as an eventuality typified by the term “safety net”, except for the resultant effects of Yalta upon Catholic Charities in Massachusetts and other Northern Confederacy states of the Union era.

I believe in Dr. King’s Egalitarianism while I am simultaneously offended by any added black or brown stripes on your sodomite flag.

Yet, Marx’s gemenwebenshaft archetypal deconstruction and reduction of the “petty bourgeois” into a “universal proletariat” predicted to rise into a fraternal utopia… depending on Bolshevik or Trotskyist outcomes… killed 100,000,000 Eurasians and would have continued except for the establishment of a policy of containment.

God Bless our Vietnam Veterans for presenting a solution to China’s Great Leap Forward.

And, God Bless Our USA.

Please forgive me, Pastor Fisher, for taking offense at your desecration of Bloomfield’s Congregational Church.

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