Ecopsychology and the Public versus Private domain.

One of the most offensive premises in the colloquial psychology of environmentalism is that the environmentalist purportedly has a personal dominion over all of the earth.

Many environmentalists falsely believe that their eco-awareness overrides the stipulations of proprietary ownership.

Some argue for their eco-dominion on all lands… even given rightful due process whereby a citizen of our USA can rightfully stand his or her ground in the public domain; or maintain and earn, buy, be gifted, granted, inherit and further accrue capital and equity in lawful private property or shares of such.

Personal and familial endeavor then, over lifetime(s) of individual and familial accrual of all types of property is in fact then the dominion of the individual, family, and shareholders, and may be held by them at their discretion, and passed to heirs, sold, bequeathed or distributed to anyone the owner decrees.

In the “eco-megalomaniacal” sense of a personal dominion over lands and properties of others; I believe, environmentalism has rightfully gained its place on the socialist left; where governments such as the United Soviet Socialist Republic had historically deemed that all lands are to be placed in the public domain via the Marxist deconstruction of “the petty bourgeois”.

Yet, in the private domain, our fourth amendment right to security of person, papers, and effects exists more so in the constitutionally established proprietary structure of what today is corporate law as written by corporations such as Peytorill intends to be; where we stand our ground to crusade against deconstructive false ideologies such as marxism; in the name of personal liberty, religion, thought, writing and speech; and for Christendom itself.

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