In retrospect I now know why I was conscripted and deployed, for lack of civilian terms, to our USA’s South; in 1994; when I otherwise might have continued to love, and been wed. Clemson is an 1889 Morrill Act university. And, my second forced deployment was a no less difficult departure from love and home. UMass is an 1863 Morrill Act university.

In 1994 I was quickly maimed by a New Jersey serial psychotropic felon.

I have traveled much of the Eastern seaboard.

I have become hermetic.

What I have known, and what I have sequentially learned, has been broken, remade, and broken again many times.

It is lonely understanding the limitrophes of paradigms. Especially when adherents are so violently deluded into obedient assertion of the prescribed mantras.

I say prescribed mantras in the hope that people some day understand that there is a prescriber. Because with the power above the duplicitous angst is where I seek to reside.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitutional structure of bicameralism into the foundational precedent of our legislative process.

I want to elucidate the ideation that there were, always have been, and always will be, powers about to which we can ascribe and ascend.

Philosophically and theologically, it is therefore logical and optimal to believe in and attest to a singularity.

I ask forgiveness for my disbelief in bicameralism other than as a method whereby contested truths can be placed into a court of opinion whereby we collectively find the path of ascension.

Yet, the partisanship now seems fundamental again. In fact, all of the people on this Eastern Seaboard, whom I have known these past three decades, seem definitively to be of their places and the prescribed politic therein.

I find I cannot stand as even human in any place; for having known other places.

The popular delusion of red state blue state seems so real; and it is so undeniably false in the neo-confederalism of the of the unionist era’s defeated death throws as Union success in the Federalization has grown larger and more powerful than itself.

Neo-unionist rhetoric in this regard cries for the impossibility of globalist full access to our USA.

The federalization and its subsequent precedent is a structural warp and weft matrix of people, places, and jurisdictions.

I believe I am in Bloomfield, Hartford County, Connecticut for a reason.

John says “I am alpha, I am Omega. I am before you, I am after you.”

I am not a messiah or a prophet.

I believe I have done enough to be with a wife and start a family.

I pray that people settle in place as our fuels apocalypse nears.

Security and peace are needed now.

The world has opened into an entropic insular biogeography of our capacitated existence; where we need systematic communications and logistical distribution of all things as we settle into places which must change.

Media fallacy is a detriment to a new colloquial lingua Franca of the federalized USA.

The adage “when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.” is an apt descriptor of the requisite behavioralism of walking in any place. And still we mustn’t homogenize and destroy security of person, place and effects.

No one owns the freedom of an individual soul.

Holy matrimony, between a man and a woman, and the security of place wherein Christendom is landed, nurtured, and built, for the ascendancy of Christ; must be maintained and defended.

This is why I have suffered for you.

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