Flower Racism

Earth day can be said to have been a theoretical concoction of land use policy during a westward farmland development vacating migration towards “greener pastures” by existing agronomists.

Was it resultant of a power vacuum in agronomy that was caused by the implementation of the tractor trailer truck and smaller scale refrigeration, standardization of mechanical and civil engineered logistical systems, and also caused by the Post WWII Boomer civil engineering era written into law by Dwight D Eisenhower as the 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act?

Or, is the rise of environmentalism, and it’s development from pseudoscience into ecology, more appropriately defined in actual societal terms as a pointedly racist exclusion of persons of color during the decades subsequent to the Highway Act of 1956; when predominantly white military personnel were returning from defeating the Japanese Shogunate and Adolph Hitler, and then with our families, we endeavored in the 1970’s and 1980’s to pursue our American dreams during the great white people suburban homes building era that lasted into the 1990’s?

Today, the environmental lobby has seized control of hundreds of millions of acres rich in natural resources that are lawfully held for the public good within the public domain, and, those natural resources are constitutionally written to be for allocation to the greatest good within all concerns pertaining to the public good.

How is it that our USA’s left purports egalitarianism and will now stand against USFS Chief Randy Moore and a second rotation timber harvest that will include people of color? It has been over fifty years since the eastern seaboard and pacific southwest population zone white peoples suburbia was constructed.

Now, with significant regenerated timber ready for harvest; the 50 years of regeneration time since white people suburbia was constructed of Douglas Fir nominal grade code dimension lumber by white people and for white people has been a growing time which has led most whites to claim that they are not racists.

The large scale implementation of a second rotation harvest of public good natural resources for all Americans is now in order.

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