Styx is the Mason Dixon to me. It might also be the Western frontier or Brandenburg. The terms porous borders, limitrophe, cline, semi permeable membrane and wall seem to pertain.

China is also a good metaphor for something I study: Think that for thousands of years the successive Imperial families mystified a defense against the steppes of Asia and Siberia and compelled millions of peasants to travel to the Eurasian interior in defense of the dragon and to build a Great Wall.

The swastica is on the Buddha’s feet and on his chest.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote his corollary to the Monroe doctrine as abdications and upheaval prevailed in Europe.

The blitzkrieg seized the Ruhr coal fields.

Something else moved away from the blitz and slowly East, re-gauging the tracks, as it were, and killed 60,000,000 “petty bourgeois” in the gulags.

Then, the bear breached the wall and slew the dragon and 40,000,000 more died in the heart of China with only Detante possible from our USA.

So, what is a limitrophe? What exists on a border, cline or DMZ?

I for one can no longer stand for partisan ideology stipulated to be divisive. And, accordingly, I prefer to stand and combat the prescribers of faction’s excessively evident aspect… with an awareness (and here again I am perhaps metaphorical) of the requisite nature of segregating “hazmat” from our essential premises; while the huddled masses seep through a porosity.

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