Mosh trips

Where the church and men’s dormitory was before the sorority stuck.

I at times believe I may have coined the phrase “Deep South drug mosh barbecue victim”. Additionally, however, there is evidence at UMass that “dusting” was occurring via laced cigar distribution at parties. My advice is: only your own stamped and packaged alcohol and tobacco that you open yourself and never leave unattended.

Clemson was a three to five second half drunk miscalculation on my part. Then, upon having imbibed something, I was additionally trained to commit ritual Seppuku before the shogunate.

The truth about what I was proximal to at UMass was less evident for two reasons: 1) I had already been struck and the resultant paranoia had led me to be very evasive and antisocial. And, 2) I had been psychotropicly deluded into a behavior by the illicit provider felon in SC such that I believed I needed to present myself as cool with illegal drugs yet unavailable (and cloistered reading, swimming or asleep otherwise, de facto).

So, I was avoiding everything and everyone and conjuring a false persona and absenteeism that was met by innocents with a collusive aversion towards me that additionally slandered me ruthlessly relative to all relationships. And, I became increasingly withdrawn and evasive until my USDOINPSCCNSRPB deployment and positioning at RPB center chair by the conspiratorial Russ Yarworth and those adherents of his decision that I was to be gay and accordingly “outed”.

I spent the summer of 1997 on cape cod either on the DOI RPB site or within the DOI Truro dunes house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean… in my assigned berth.

Returning to UMass after the boring summer where I had been deployed illegally under the deceptive guise of work study experience potentially conducive to my being a potential federal ranger: I had found myself amidst and therefore avoiding the people of “the gayest place on earth” at Provincetown Massachusetts.

Returning to UMass I felt that coach Yarworth was increasingly motivated to actualize his desire to “assist me” in being a homosexual.

My father’s orders to swim at UMass were overwhelmingly irrefutable as evidenced by total familial withdrawal of all monetary support other than tuition upon my “quitting” the sport of swimming and shifting my theoretical plan to live towards the United States Army with my abandonment of paternal orders to become a SEAL.

I had work as as a grocery pallet jack operator at C&S wholesale grocery distributors in Hatfield. As a “quitter”, however, my family withdrew monetary support other than tuition and swim teammates illegally evicted me. I knew that my insubordination was abhorrent to my father and chose not to take the Yarworth orders to “come out” and be a homosexual. Therefore, at that point I stole my sister’s car and fled with all the DOI pay that the rest of the federal lifeguards hadn’t stolen. I intended to go to Alaska. I drove north from Amherst yet was refused entry to Canada by US border patrol. I then drove back south to I84, passed the Saint Lewis Arch, showered in Denver, and lost the transmission in Wheatland WY before travel via bus to Spokane included a cheeseburger in an Idaho restaurant that was paradise. I met Sarah in the Three Sisters Coffee Shop across from the Seattle fishmonger’s in the mid town market and she carded me for coffee. Yet, I, and my story, frightened her and a mall cop intervened. The next time I saw her; the mongers were tossing giant fish just across the walkway where two limousines stood waiting with open doors, and, then, some DJ to the shopping center spun nine inch nails and she ran away.

The following day I was walking north and she was on the platform above me crying and boarding the eastbound tram. I found myself unable to scream at her, and I never saw her again. I couldn’t get communications, residency beyond the second “green tortoise” lower level halfway house and my father, who I had contacted via the contact with my mother which Sarah had requested, ordered my return.

I languished in Killingworth reading with zero funding mostly because my mom occasionally bought me bacon and eggs and I was gaining weight. I saw a NETTTS TV ad and matriculated there believing that my energy, natural resources and environment bachelor of science was doomed due to Dr’s Griffin, Muth, Ross and others being in the process of moving for my expulsion; mostly for having studied in SC for three semesters. At that point and with nine credits remaining, I thought I couldn’t join ROTC, was ineligible for OCS, and additionally that enlistment was not an option for a fifth year ENRE senior. Sublimated immediately as I began at NETTTS, I have been a Yale Psychiatry ward of Connecticut, CTDMHAS, and my father for the subsequent 26 years.

I am terrorized by liberals and I believe others fear their invocation of the Marxist Gemenwebenshaft also. When I fled towards Alaska, the sorority next to the church Mens dormitory broke every single window in the modern structure and UMass subsequently applied federal monies to demolish all of those buildings and build a “hall of social justice and political economy”. I often cannot specifically say or write what is happening and I don’t know what to do about all of this. I was, and again it was 1997, terrified by the wild rectal sodomite gemenwebenshaft archetype threat infecting our nation and by what I saw of of sodomite abuses. I have since become cognizant of of Marxist theory and am more aware of it’s ignorant adherents… and of the presence of Marxists in places like Amherst Massachusetts.

My UMass kiosk Pakol from Pakistan, and, admittedly, an authentic replacement of the WWII USAAF Officer’s hat pin that would have adorned my Grandfather Simon’s cover when he was B24 Liberator Squadron Flight Surgeon.

I am blessed, in retrospect, to have been apprehended by Yale as this war began, and I believe I have always been in. The problematic nuance may be elucidated by a statistical mathematical proof: increasingly modal homogeneity is causal of externality on the flank of the z-score spread in both the positive and negative spectra of any and all pertaining variables are removed by any cull determined to promote modal homo valuation.

Jesus save us.

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