Pertaining to Foi Gras: my naval herniation was surgically repaired years ago after my BMI doubled when the sublimation ended my global centurion endurance freestyler athleticism. The prescription was implemented in correlation with my chemical brain injury, and I am simultaneously glad that my rectal sphincter hasn’t prolapsed much from obesity or any other causality. Yet, my inguinal reaction to chef Boppy seems to have, believe it or not, broken me on down and away from my leftward counter posto stance and into a new balance; similar to the sculpture pictured of AEsculphius the physician with his staff and brood caduceus, standing counter posto for want of hearing a responsible and knowledgeable commanding officer say “ten hut”.

“Foi Gras” translates to “Bold Faith”.

I am so blessed by the SSA and ADA. I hope to be more vegetarian some day. Yet, I have such food insecurities from my days in abject poverty and hunger. I am increasingly able to stand my ground in the balance that Dr. Wyatt DO taught me about. I have learned to function in Cap’n Bop’s psychiatric ward feeding house and with my achievement of acknowledgment in the behavioral sense; Ozempic, Treseba, and Metformin have really done wonders relative to stopping all the beef from busting out of my abdomen. I like kale with ume plum vinegar, short grain brown rice with a handful of wild rice added late, and lentil soup with on hand vegebles like spinach and mushrooms. Fermented barley miso with shiitake and scallions is also a favorite. Yet, I plan to emulate, at least, the Catholic feast days in the Roman Daily Missal. Nutrient dense and high caloric levitical meat is delicious and nutritious and should be “feasted” upon weekly or more in accordance with Christian tradition and evolutionary biology. I also like track and football stretches and am becoming increasingly needful of a first wife after these nearly thirty years in my psychiatric GI scenario, so to speak. With her I believe my return to health will continue. I am considering Pilates and an ultralight Olympic platform lifting program; and massage and spa treatments if possible.

In a way, chef Boppy is correct. It is less about the stoichiometric inhumanity of “the bubbling blue test tube”, if we are lucky, and more about a nice dinner and balanced physiology assisted by a method of health.

Most people should have a diet and exercise regimen with an evolutionary biological intermittency in their dietetics and a non competitive, non professional, and lightweight Olympic stretching and lifting regimen. A Roman daily missal style Christian epitomization of our ontogeny and its phylogenetic origins by a Catholic feasting nutrition regimen is necessary for every omnivore.

A specified, applied and balanced symmetrical light or ultralight olympic “methodology and equipment” bodybuilding routine is best. This, with proper yet non competition magnitude olympic technique, at half maximum weight or so and with higher repetitions if possible. Your custom biometrics based program should be focused on the primarily linear aspects of typical ontogeny pertaining to the extension and contraction of the ten major muscle groups. Programmatic typifications of techniques are to be found in olympic bumper plate motion and the pertaining systematic use of well established equipment. Use actual Olympic platform equipment such as technique plates and a woman’s bar, instead of a broomstick or weighted bars, if you can safely perform the Olympic lifts. And, such a program is the best way for any physician cleared person to make use of an optimal free weight bodybuilding and stretching regimen focused upon bars and dumbbells on the platform or bench.

Pilates now interests me personally. And, not just to watch my wife exercise, either. Earlier I alluded to the ideation of traditional Greco track and field and American football stretching being comprehensive. There seem to be three primary elements to the essential aspects of exercise physiology beyond dietetics. 1) stretching and posture 2) exertion via sport, and 3) perfect form free weights.

Frankly, “kripal you” yoga can be frightening to me. And here is difficulty; the less you have historically exercised, then the less you are physically aware of how your body is supposed to move. That; is why I stipulate an adherence to Catholic feasting and endurance “cardio” hiking, swimming and jogging if you have the leg bones for it; with Olympic free weight supplementation as a training theory. Yet, please pay attention to the fact that I defend vegetarianism, if only as a misnomer in its totalitarianism, and I always say “ULTRALIGHT” when we talk about how “everyone” needs to understand and practice a Greco Roman Olympic sport, stretching and OLYMPIC PLATFORM FREE WEIGHTS regimen in a strictly form based style at least. Recall, or learn here, that bodybuilding is about size, proportion and symmetry. It seems evident to me that just about every gym in our USA is overly “stacked” on male biceps, triceps, and pectorals. And, that these facilities simply lack Olympic platforms for the entirety of posterior skeletal musculature. Admittedly this is due to the dangers of lifting correctly and exceeding your personal maximum weight limits; which shouldn’t even be approached, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, women, as usual, lead in the arena of intellectualism; with an innate fear of “getting big”. Our USA needs to continue with safe gyms where people don’t break their backs on the platform… yet, now is perhaps time to add to platforms to the peck bench heavy scenario. I for example, am currently about 320lbs at about six feet tall with 56 R endurance swimmer shoulders from days when I was 190lbs prior to my clinical sublimation. At the time I was about 7BMI and capable of a 55:05 5K pool swim that paced me to swim LI Sound in four hours in calm conditions… had anyone had the boat. I plan to get back into Olympic weightlifting with a 20lb weighted bar before I hit my Olympic 7’ bar again with a pair of bumper ten lbs plates.

Finally, I believe technique plates and a woman’s bar might be a good goal for many women. However, returning to the realities of breaking your back on the Olympic platform; change plates are to be seriously avoided in the vast majority of cases, because if you are lifting that close to your maximum and you exceed that maximum and or falter away from alignment in the process of a lift… it is entirely possible to cripple yourself with an injury that will require surgery for a partial recovery at best, if that.

So… think broomstick Olympics. And, consider the staff of AEsculapius and physiological alignment. I’d get into drinking in moderation and warn you about dram tinctures, but it’s time to eat.

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