Bop has me auguring. The tree augur was a great wall mart app buy when it was even cheaper in the off season. I’m using it for flowers that I split the root masses of earlier today using the serrated edge of the garden knife trowel.

Soon; we’ll plant about 3/4 of a dozen apple and pear trees configured aside the henge in the yard by the riparian zone. And, we plan to put in a henge set block, with an armillary sphere atop it into the herb and vegetable garden and then augur four granite posts at the stellar cardinal directions along the perimeter of the henge relative to set. Perhaps estival and vernal equinox markers eventually.

There will be a 12 post 4×4 fence with rectangular square wire that’s going to be a slightly larger radius from set to accommodate a gravel path such that the entire henge Armillary garden will be about a rod in diameter. The posts will be at 30° spacings from Polaris. We are also going to arc weld and carpentry mill a steel framed cedar board gate.

I’ll be posting about the salvaged park bench we are rebuilding with additional cedar boards and brass hex machine bolts also.

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