Anything Og wishes to externalize relative to the prescribed normalcy paradigm is so unspeakable as to be illegal under the mind control troopers.

The wicked wizard Murpholotto controls the mind beam’s promulgations from the Island of Og. Murpholotto dispatches the MCT to enforce Og promulgations. All of this can only be spoken of publicly through the rotational kinetic fluid dynamic talking machine. The centrifugal air fluid voice amplification modulator mechanism will purportedly gin legal free speech in similar fashion to a turbine or Tarhe, and is nearly ready to appear in Hartford. The speech flux modulator is the culmination of Connecticut’s effort to build things which spin that has been in process here in Murpholotto’s realm once before the time of Gilt… when labor saving devices were vilified as detrimental to the Colony’s plant fiber looms as they bobbin shuttled woofs through the warps until they were weft.

It is another story about how the Virginia rose to power and a new class was built.

All of the abnormalities in the realm of Og, like patriotism and holy matrimony, are suppressed by the wicked Murpholotto and his MCT.

Og has “Ogsters” do his bidding on Og Island. The terminal moraine firth, meanwhile, has Rockefeller’s “personal giltmobile road” for those who can’t go fractional chopper. The PGR is known by another acronym in reality that’s different from the base lye. PGR leads to the one percent housing neighborhood. If you go too far and end up in Montauk, there are lots of strange stinking dead fish in barrels. Then, if you go to the bar you are expected to be very rude and must pay them to defecate. All toilets between Montauk and “Big Gilt Station” are private… except for one on the high line where the slaughterhouses were. Otherwise, one must eat gigantic sandwiches with a small soda to defecate. And, Og is now scheming to tax coal fired pizza restaurants 75% of their gross income.

Murpholotto and Og are two amongst the northern confederal triumvirate bosses. They are also working with a third co-conspirator known simply as “Lis”, whose secret anti-man facility, known simply as “the bank” is just south of the Noodle Factory. The noodles are heated where there used to be freight and passenger trains in “The Time of Gilt”.

Once upon a time the Noodle Factory was “Gilt Station”, and early disturbed feminists would descend through NOHO from the woman fortress… in the distant past before they had crew cuts even when they were hot.

Lis can only summer at the woman fortress now because of rail trail politics. She can’t get to the sulfurous swimming pools or Traitor Joes at “The Point”.

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