My cool and calculating demeanor and hubristic comprehension affect’s strategic gamete delivery intent promulgations are simply awesome.

And, all of my desirously intentioned and boastful justifications of my personal alpha sapien traits, inclusive of my previous athleticism machismo, which was irrefutably resultant of the ease with which I became a global distance freestyle swimming centurion “back in the 90’s”, are evidently formulative of the increasing public fervor now directly pertaining to my awesomeness.

So, here can be seen; pertaining to ferrous metallurgical chemistry, several variably evident discernment potentialities, inclusive of utile and chill shop optics, that I intend enticing to the most astute of gorgeous and discerning hot babes who are “in the market” for a 47y/o mad scientist.

Note therefore that herein is presented a case example specifically important to the microbiological zoonosis in all scenarios of Fe oxidation hematology relative to what I postulate to be the fungal tetanus pathogen.

Medical scenarios relative to primitive diseases thought cured, such as tetanus, cretinism and polio, are often slandered as being an overt misrepresentation of the premises of scientific modernity.

Yet, in my case I am not deterred by slander. Nor do I accept the malignment of field observation in it’s relative pertainence to the admittedly preeminent theories within fortresses of Aesculaphius.

It is thus that definitive apparency of external scientific promulgations by frequently verbose scientists such as myself “approach the Jordan”, so to speak.

So, do not doubt me in lieu of the customary, often formulaic, and alphanumeric Greek attested to by the Franks, Gauls, and Angols who seem more dominant in the arena of all heal and oaths.

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