Public Good

Conspiratorial NYC and NYC Media policies generative of our USA’s endemic and seemingly perpetual mortgage and refinance culture since Ike (1); are preponderantly without familial wealth accrual in real estate equity in real statistical mathemaical terms.

The de facto closure of our USA’s public forest lands, which have been designated as being for the public good, is villainy relative to American homes and homebuilding and pertaining to the due reparations lumber harvest, milling, and logistical distribution of forest products.

And, this seditious hindrance upon American freedom pertains to all other forms of public good resource allocation now being obstructed by union era and otherwise leftist hypocracy towards emancipation and an egalitarian distribution of public good based home generating wealth.

The evils of withholding our USA’s public good from our USA’s populace now ostensibly perpetuates itself under the auspicious purport of an evil anthropocentric vantage presiding over humanity whereby all are said to threaten all …by knowingly or unknowingly seeking the good of homeland resource allocation.

Thus, the lie of human detriment to biotic diversity as being conducive to an “earth death” hypothesis must now accordingly be strictly curtailed within the context of a vastly accelerated and evermore vital resource harvest and extraction continuum within the time remaining until terminal depletion of our most important finite fuels.

Simon A Flynn, PEYTORILL.


Current USFS Chief Randy Moore

USFS: Moore.

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