Yearning to breathe free.

There is a peace in abstinence, relative poverty, and unavowed celibacy. is undeniably syndicated to a place, and a Thurible is for a censor. Then and there it was that West was to Jerusalem and East was to Baghdad via the inn.

I am he, and there is no place even in the manger I had to build for myself; nor licensure to augur myself a place to shit.

Thus it is on the Manhattan island also; where a mere half dozen granite blocks offer a seat for the traveler, and the toilets are only in Grand Central …unless you buy a three pound sandwich.

I for one believe in hostels and public toilets, berths and in baths for the masses; and my ruck has paper for the now empty high line where the blue towers will likely also offer no shitter.

I would, for example, unlock Bloomfield Seminary and call it a monastery and convent if it were not for the private broadcasting consortium, a mutual fund perhaps with Turner, and that private entities promulgation of the gemenwebenshaft archetype.

I fear that the 200 year Morrill federalized thought process precedent has left us with savant PhD’s stipulated as competent in the particular places, and no other income earners in the particular zones yet for the adherents and subordinates of each specific zonal primary industry.  Not to mention the 20th century fear of the universal proletariat that demolishes the factory structures where lunch pails and blue shirts might otherwise prevail if it were not for the anal sodomite terrorists.

All of this mythology is of the utmost importance to those validated by the federation. The monetary theocracy stipulates that all abide my the K-PhD paradigmatic protocol singularities of the zones. Only the 20+ military, the disabled, the Latins,  and them Black folk get a free fistful of dollars.

Yet, the multitudes cringe beneath each particular federalization industrial zone curricula savant specificity, and the incompetence of the wayward malaprop is institutionalized as the illegality of the grand formulation of any thesis beyond the federal zone PhD curricula.

Dare anyone denounce the bicameralism?

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