Good morning Connecticut. In accordance with the 2nd, 1st, and 4th amendments; I have armed myself with a Smith and Wesson baton that is engraved

If it is stolen from my home, car, or my otherwise secure person during any mugging where I open carry yet do not deploy my baton; I plan to report the theft and my injuries to local police and to replace it with another similarly engraved armament.

My intent is to assert the premise of the security guaranteed by the 2nd and to keep and bear arms as a deterrence of threats I now see as increasingly prevalent.

In the event of any theft of an unused armament I may have; I know that incurring replacement costs and pressing all legal charges pertaining to stolen armaments will also be lawful.

Further, I believe in the eternal life granted by Christ and in heterosexual Christendom as being the method of gamete merger via which souls become carnal such that they may ascend into heaven via Christendom and by the structure of the Church

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