This massage tool and biofreeze have really helped my back. I have an upcoming appointment for an inguinal hernia and need to mention my sciatica. Hippocrates said sciatica is from eating a wheel of cheese. I think it is from lifting heavy things. Perhaps I should check the English Septuagint. I was doing a sequence of Olympic lifts at 85 lbs and also disconnected the garage door opener because I was hitting my head on the mechanism in the shop. Putting up the 85 might have been too much for me to begin again with. The door is very heavy and awkward to open. I don’t see why I can’t clean and jerk at least the Olympic bar and two bumper tens (65lbs) after the imminent hernia surgery, yet maybe I need some technique plates. If technique 5’s and the 45lb Olympic is too much then perhaps the women’s 35 Olympic and technique plates at 5 ea. I have recently been using a 20 lb weighted bar to do the kinetics of the Olympic lifts.

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