Seventh Seal

At age 47 I find myself relegated by medical realities and law to my father’s house. I try to make canvases and oil paint. I try to cook and organize. Yet, I have imbibed perhaps $15million in Yale pharmacotherapeutically prescribed, globally sourced pharmaceuticals.

I am calling upon my freedom to be secure in my person and to speak of such things as religion and peaceable assemblages.

I wish to say that cognizant people universally seem afraid of the market economic outcomes of economies of scale, and of it’s derivated market share outcomes in our local communities here beneath the Federalization precedent.

Nearly everyone is subject to the civil unrest caused by the filthy and insulting sodomite gemenwebenshaft premise of Marx. We are adapting to telecommunications and computer programmatic advancement. We are all being driven to shelter in place as our extractable supply of liquid phase organic fossil energy stocks disappears. We know there is insufficient time and wherewithal to accomplish an entire all global fleets transportation sector conversion to new energies. We accept the promulgation that the earth will die, yet we don’t yet understand it will be resultant of terraforming mountains for liquefaction.

I am trying to help.

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