Momma, mine, behavioral

In that the ovum repulses gametes subsequent to conception, I forewarn your yearning female gametes that some Recapitulatory behavioralistic inverse premise may be inevitable in a future scenario where my chosen gamete has emerged from my ejaculated lode and met with her ovum gamete code sequence for the holy amalgamation and replication process. For, I do not seek polygamy or polyandry, and as such; some unfortunate primatologically induced attack upon we the hoped alpha pair by beta and gamma females who may, subsequent to said occurrence, seek as it’s objective to destroy my alpha female, much like certain primates kill and eat the babies of others, and such that estrogenous induction of sexual behaviors might seek a new lode leading gamete unto the beta or gamma ovum. And, the premise of angst at my successful delivery of ribonucleic code unto the particular ovum of my alpha woman may manifest itself fervently in an overt or subliminal way… and be problematic; even if only in the subconscious of the beta and gamma females.

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