4X Attacks C


4X/C=R@[T(b)] IF [T(a)]+∆T*Nth =@°F(+/-4°)

I may add more organelle aspects to the cell abstractions attacking the cube (C) in this oil work depiction of a “micro-scenario”, which presents an undetermined bio-result.

The cube is perhaps most abstract amidst the “hideous bio-structures” (H=X), ironically, because of it’s geometric mathematical quality.

In simple Algebra and Logic, therefore: IF 4X/C=R, THEN, RESULT(R) = (?), When X = “Cell Abstraction”, and 4X>C in apparent volume and mass, AND, when °F has been predicted to remain constant /∆T (WHEN Temperature = ~ constant(©)°F/[T(a) to T(b) continuum]. OR… what probability is there that the strength of C, when attacked by 4X, will determine the mortality of C?

OR, worse yet; will 4X succeed in compelling C to replicate RNA until C ceases to exist, resulting in my next painting = >372X?

Additionally: if C is Eukaryotic, what might the oil painting “2C+X•N(?)” appear as, and, what scientist could paint such an oil work?

This oil work is unfinished. Eventually, I plan to add an opacity via a highly thinned blue and grey paint coating representative of a photocline specific limnological biometric scenario relative to any possible real C habitat niche possible if better depictions of C can be obtained in oil paintings of microscopy.

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