Custom Kitchen

I am currently not permitted to use my SSA disability benefit to get a Windsor Sanitation roll off and demolition the water damaged 1956 kitchen in the basement. Robin has said… “Maybe in five years”. I believe I could have something to do here where the monthly dumpster rental would allow me to work perhaps several hours per day. I have offered slum Lord Robin the squatter and pumpkin thief to build a custom kitchen at cost. She was unnerved, while inspecting my bathroom remodeling work critically, and stipulated the five year delay on my having a dumpster delivered.

These policies are the exact same squatter psychology at my Goose Rocks Beach Maine property, where, the beach house is technically owned by the extended Flynn/Rodriguez family’s eldest generation of 5 living siblings, and yet my uncle Greg Flynn squats in the house, proclaiming himself a Nazi. The basement is a hoarder stye and mold and mildew petri dish of picked broken junk from my B42 pacific theater squadron flight surgeon grandfather’s life in West Springfield MA where after the war h”The Booj” further served as Springfields chief OBJYN in the baby boom return stateside. I want a dumpster there too. The kitchen is needing replacement, but the most significant problem at that Nazi’s house is that about 20 years ago I was able to push my hand through the sea facade sheathing rot. I have postulated jacking the eastern end of the living room ceiling joists, removing the ocean view windows, and replacing the wall by suspending the structure on a loblolly glue laminate girt. The house is currently listed as a “tear down” for several million dollars, and multiple buyers have lined up, but the self proclaimed Nazi and Adolph Hitler racism idiot savante Greg Flynn of Kings Highway in Goose Rocks Beach Maine persists in squatting inside the property in a malignancy of festering hate delusion, by indenturing his his sibling Susan Flynn, my father’s sister (not my mother), and no one will pull the trigger and remove him.

I have suggested a backboard with institutional restraints. I too am defended by the ADA, like the Nazi, yet, I am simply more powerful and will commit the “crime of “violating him” via removal to permanent institutionalization.

Further, the idea that Nazi incestuous siblings have a defense against a majority of shareholders in a case is preposterous, and leads me to ask: who in Maine medicine and government maintains Nazi Greg Flynn at his beachhead; so close to Fortunes Rocks? I therefore need logistical, medical and legal support pertaining to remanding my Nazi uncle Greg to permanent institutionalization. I will remove him from the house, at my volition, regardless of any stipulation by medicine or law, on the behalf of our entire Flynn and Rodriguez family.

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