Debatable Finances

In 1994, I was immediately maimed upon arrival at Clemson University. I my subsequent battle of Hampton Roads, the south and then the north sequentially tormented my as of then unknown disabled mind while I nearly became an Olympic distance freestyle swimmer.

Subsequent to my 1998 diagnosis; I entered into the 25 year and $15,000,000 sublimation treatment within Yale psychiatry.

For at least twenty years my primary activity, and the primary allocation intention pertaining to my Federal SSA benefit funds, has been a continued research effort pertaining to my initial degree from UMass, in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment.

Subsequently and until this current time; and beginning with a 2017 call from HAT: I have become dedicated to computational capabilities relative to social media and then to web publishing at my primary domain And, PEYTORILL is now a Connecticut LLC with the intent to incorporate as PEYTORILL INCORPORATED.

Yet, I seem to be at an impass regarding love. I am certainly a disabled American. I hesitate to state my ambulation, as I don’t want anyone in a wheelchair to be denied at least the premise of what I am saying here. Still, I have been hopeful regarding social media for these past five years, and to no avail. The idea of abandoning my virtual courtship of women has taken time and the sentiment has been substantiated by a 100% failure to secure verification correspondence in the form of audio or audiovisual connectivity.

The PEYTORILL website has also been a 100% failure, relative, dare I say, to my heart and mind. I have not had even one correspondence regarding anything on my website; including the fact that in the past several years, even my 30 years effort in writing /Thesis has garnered not one response.

Occasionally I postulate regarding collusion, conspiracy and censorship, or philosophize about statistical externality in populations where the mathematical z-scores denote the Alpha and the Omega.

So, having attempted to build a substantive digital connectivity leading to actual contact with my still unseen bride; I now am at a crossroads where I believe use of Facebook and Messenger predominantly futile, due to their superfluousness, and I believe it is time for a change.

I must note here that my finances are limited to approximately $1212/mo with a recently occasional addition of funds from jobs I am able to complete for family and for those who understand me. I have yet to see any donations via the web domain PEYTORILL’s donation link link, where I had hoped people might contribute to PEYTORILL based upon their estimation of the sites value relative to books, magazines, web and computing costs they might incur if they were at least to embark upon an effort to be my colleagues. And, if they believe in economic theory.

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