Bradbury Buds

I have fallen into a deep sleep, and I when I am awakened by a sound of thunder, like ten pins, I will insist that George W is still president. Then, I hope George will help me vacate my beach house of the Gogue and repair my habitat. Perhaps we can stop at Bradbury’s down east towards Port au Zeal where the water tower is across from the heliport that Bill ordered removed when he took office…

That was before George became a famous oil painter by painting the things he had done in the bathroom that were different from what Bill had done in there.

Anyway, Gogue usually keeps stuff but the cast iron Hibachi is gone so maybe George and I can get sandwiches and beer at Bradbury’s. I wouldn’t be worried because when George’s dad walked at Goose rocks when I was a kid; the entourage had classical instrument cases yet would not play. My sister Meghan had her picture taken with the first President Bush in front of our house. It’s the Flynn and Rodriguez family beach house but “Greg and Sue” have been squatting there for thirty or so years and eating vegetarian food along with scrod and such that they catch. They used to tell my grandmother that scrod bones were delicious and feed her an egg a day until she was about seventy pounds. Ba and Bop are actual wimps so they won’t act. I remember giving the nod as they cried and looked at each other and then the palliative nurse did it, and came back in a while for another nod, and that was it. She’s with Booj again now. My plan is to buy a backboard from swim outlet and take Greg out myself because I am protected by the ADA too. Ba and Bop can sit on the beach after I get the job done.

I don’t have time now to make comparison of the Bull Moose, Freedom and Green parties, except to say that Nader beat Gore de facto, and that’s why George was able to enforce US Antitrust Law precedent in Arabia.

So, I am thinking about how the woman at Bradbury’s told me that only Connecticut calls Hoagies Grinders and about how I told her that they should sell Ray’s books at the counter: Something Wicked This Way Comes. A Sound of Thunder.

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